A New Year this 2013
Our sellers are hoping for an increase in property values, buyers are looking for that special bargain, and we in the real estate field are hoping for more qualified buyers!! The foreclosures have certainly had a detrimental effect on our local market and that is difficult for most sellers to accept. We know most of the foreclosures have been in the 1,100 to 2,000 square foot range with certain subdivisions and neighborhoods hit harder than others. But that has had a negative effect on values in those locations and sellers sadly have difficultly accepting that. In many instances, their home is not worth the same as what they bought it for and some agents want to list at the higher market values. But we are forever the optimist and eagerly look for a spark in the market and some semblance of the better market days. So for all of us, we look forward to better days in 2013.
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Ending the School year
Who can believe here we are to the end of another school year and we find ourselves asking where in the world the days and hours went. Buyers continue looking for just the right property and summer should bring in more eager to get settled in a home before the start of a new school year. There are still a few foreclosures but not necessarily any bargains. Larger and new homes seem to be holding their value in spite of the low prices that foreclosures have brought the past 12 months. It is not necessarily a buyer's market nor is it a seller's market so if you are interested in finding that dream home now is the time.
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March Market
Foreclosure properties keep coming into the market and are selling much below their original purchase price. However the market for larger homes seems to be holding and even increasing in value. Let's hope the foreclosure market has bottomed out here and we will see an upturn in the market. There are sales and definately buyers who are looking so let's be realistic in our market pricing and see the number of sales increase. Spring break is over so those interested in purchasing will be back looking for that "perfect" home.
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2011 an exciting new year
It seems I have great intentions to keep updating the blogs but for whatever reason I never seem to do so. We are to the end of the first month for 2011 and looking forward to an exciting year. The news is not always so good with high unemployment and foreclosures but doom and gloom will not help any of us. So though my office has made some changes....one being I am no longer a Century 21 franchise office but now an independent office as I was prior to 1995...some agents have dropped out and others have come on board. So let's look for the positive and do all each of us can do not only to improve our outlook but look for others that we could help to make their year a better one.
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Great deals
Wow here we are in February and we are wondering whatever happened to January. Foreclosures continue to dominate the market and buyers are getting themselves pre-qualified so they are ready to turn an offer in immediately when one comes on the market. Existing properties that are well maintained with great curb appeal continue to hold their value and demand a greater sales price. Buyers seem to be looking more so than in the past many months so maybe for all of us 2010 will be a terrific year.
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